What style suit is best
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If you’re looking to impart a sense of timeless style into your wardrobe, a made-to-measure suit is a great investment; a truly custom garment, with the power to instantly boost confidence and make any occasion feel special. 

Choosing the right suit, however, isn’t always the most straightforward task, especially when you consider the different body types and styles available. 

With that in mind, let The Fine & Dandy Club navigate you through the world of tailored men's suits with some expert fitting advice for various body shapes. Whether you're tall, short, muscular, or slim, we can create the perfect suit for you.

Suits for the taller man

If you're above average height, it's essential to find a suit that complements your stature. That means avoiding cropped trousers, tight-fitting jackets, or those that appear baggy around the shoulders.

A two-button, tailored suit is a classic choice for the taller man. The slim lapels add width to your shoulders, while the trousers will taper down the leg, just grazing the top of your shoes. A mid-length jacket will do a fine job of making the most of your taller frame.

Suits for the larger man

For gentlemen with a larger build, comfort and fit are key. Avoid double-breasted, heavily-patterned suits, and any tight-fitting options.

Instead, try a regular-fit suit, ensuring you can comfortably fit one or two fingers between the fabric and the second layer. Take the time to find a size that feels most comfortable; perhaps look for a wide-collared shirt to add to the stylish look of your tailored suit.

tailored suits for men
made to measure suit
selection of made to measure suits

Suits for the shorter man

If you're on the shorter side, the goal is to elongate your silhouette. Avoid double-breasted suits, overly long arms and legs, or baggy fits.

Choose a slim-fitting suit with sleeves that sit just before the end of your wrist. Your trousers should just touch or stop short at the top of your shoes. Combining this fit with a plain or pinstripe pattern will perfectly complement your frame.

Suits for a muscular build

Muscular build requires special attention to fit, especially in the shoulders, biceps, and forearms. Don't prioritise sleeve length, as you can always make minor alterations with your tailor. 

We’d recommend a comfortable regular-fit suit, but ensure it fits well around your shoulders and arms. Select a shirt that accommodates your chest and shoulders and pair it with a stylish chunky-soled shoe to complete the look.

bespoke suits with pattern tie
fabrics used to make bespoke suits

Suits for the slimmer build

Even for those men with a slimmer build, finding the perfect fit is essential. Avoid extremes of suits that are either too skinny or too baggy.

Choose a slim-fit suit that feels comfortable in the shoulders and allows you to move freely. Ensure the cuffs sit at the base of your thumb and the top of your shoes. Matching the tie width to your lapels adds a stylish flourish. Consider both plain suits and bolder prints to complete your look.

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